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Project Description
This simple .NET based application allows you to control Video from the DirectX library.
The code is designed in VisualBasic2008 - a NET framework, it is a simple and easy to understand.
Using this Video player you can play many Video formats, inside the code there is, in addition to the Video controller, an Audio controller in which I decided not to use.
The Video player have simple functions such as- Playing, Puasing and stopping, a slider that allows you to control the Video's current position.
I also added some new functions such as Fast forward and ReWinding the Video.

All of the functions above can be applied to an Audio player as well as the Video player.

I find this code very efficient for numerous reasons:
  • It is a very fast code, it allows you to play movies very easily without any APIs or outside OCXs.
  • It is the foundation for any Video (and also audio) player, all you need to do is to understand it. Later on you will just have to modify it for your own use.
  • If you just want to learn something new.

Hope you will all enjoy this piece of code!

Yinon Eliraz

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